EIP is most thankful to the global experts involved in the Spot the Early Signs Programme. With leading metabolic disorders experts in the world involved, please take this opportunity to learn from their knowledge and share the information provided with your colleagues and networks. Please view our Faculty and Contributors with links to directly access the webinars each one has presented.

Nathalie Guffon

Nathalie Guffon Femme Mère Enfant Hospital Lyon France Nathalie Guffon Femme Mère Enfant Hospital, Lyon, France

Martin Magner

Martin Magner (Charles University Czech Republic) Martin Magner (Charles University, Czech Republic)

Can Ficicioglu

Can Ficicioglu (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia US) Can Ficicioglu (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, US)

Christina Lampe

Christina Lampe (University Hospital of Giessen Germany) Christina Lampe (University Hospital of Giessen, Germany)