Head of the Department, Metabolic Diseases, Femme Mère Enfant Hospital, Lyon, France

Prof. Dr. Nathalie Guffon is head of the dept where she is who is responsible for Metabolic Diseases in Femme Mère Enfant Hospital in Lyon. She is implicated into Advisory Board in MPSI, MPSII, MPSIII, MPSVI, MPSIV and has been a Principal Investigator in international clinical studies of Enzyme Replacement Therapy in patients with MPS I, MPS II, MPS III, MPS IV, Gaucher, and Fabry disease.

She has a long-standing interest in metabolic medicine and is involved in almost all available enzyme replacement therapies currently available for patients with lysosomal storage disorders. The department has taken part in previous clinical trials and concerning ERT for lysosomal storage disorders this includes MPSI, II, VI, Fabry, Gaucher and Pompe. All the necessary equipment and facilities to perform ERT in lysosomal storage disorders patients are available. Our clinical department is dedicated in the metabolic disorders.